System design
Designing, Consulting and Installing Security Systems

The activity of designing and installing security systems is centered on managing to discover the best solution capable to offer high-technology at a very good price.
A big variety of systems designed by GUARDO or made by well-known companies which allow us to fulfill your demands that are more and more complicated in the domain of video surveillance, recording editing and saving digital information. The offer includes: anti-robbery systems, CCTV through cable and radio(microwaves),access control and video telephony.
For all this the technical department makes projects and papers required.
The client is informed fast about all the aspects that turn up during the services proposing to update the systems.
Guardo protects the secret of all information about the activity of the security team, monitoring and guarding.
The client can control the activities of the agents from the guarded places.
If our employees make damages or are responsible of damages the lost is supported by Guardo, according to the contract.

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