Security and Guarding Department

  • Performs security services, guarding and surveillance to economical agents in public and private sector: economical agents’ headquarters, production unities, deposits, schools and hospitals, private proprieties etc.
  • Preventing  in time, through specific operations, the robbery attempts or propriety destroy attempts, acting properly  and stopping them;
  • Organizing and executing the measures that are imposed for achieving the flagrant to persons of which are thought to steal goods.
  • Consulting in the domain of  organizing the security, guarding and supervision

         Guardo disposes of professional security agents, highly qualified in the area with a proper physical training, capable to resolve all the problems they have during their work time.
          The training of the agents used by Guardo is made using a plan authorized by the police that is permanently updated and checked.

        The security agents are dressed in special equipment, approved by the Police, suitable for the missions that they fulfill and are gifted with:

  • modern communicating modalities (radio stations through VHF&UHF networks and mobile phones)
  • full traction vehicles for quick intervention and transport specially equipped (KIA SPORTAGE,CIELO,RENAULT,LOGAN)
  • guns with bullets, compressed air and tear-gas
  • cameras for pictures and video recordings
  • tear-gas sprays and electrical pistols
  • metal detectors
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