Guardo disposes of professional security agents, highly qualified in the area with a proper physical training, capable to resolve all the problems they have during their work time. Read More

Guardo performs professional cleaning services into private headquarters and institutions, commercial spaces, hospitals, sports grounds. Read More

In the 10 years of activity, Guardo developed the services and the territorial covering, managing to possess branches in 28 districts in all the country. Read More

GUARDO is welcoming you with a full offer of services in human and computerized security , and an offer of professional cleaning ,pest control ,disinfection , building maintenance , call-boxes maintenance, utility climbing .This complex of services is offered to our clients through the agency of  the two departments of the company : Security  Department and Cleaning Department .For the quality of its services, Guardo company is certified in accordance to SR EN ISO 9001:2001 and SR EN ISO 14001:2005 standards and possesses an operating license released by the Main Inspectorate of Romanian Police.

Security Department:
Guardo offers you as Part of the Security Department the following services:
Security and Guarding Services
Radio monitoring , GSM and telephones for supervision and intervention
Auto Team for fast intervention
Designing and installing security system
Consultancy for designing and installing security systems

Cleaning Department:
Guardo offers you as Part of the Cleaning Department the following services:
Professional Cleaning services
Pest Control & disinfection Services
Building Maintenance services


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