Professional Cleaning services

Guardo performs professional cleaning services into private headquarters and institutions, supermarkets, hospitals, hotels and sports grounds performing operations such as:

    • brushing dust on grit stone, marble, mosaic
    • removing dust with professional vacuum cleaners out of carpets and upholsters 
    • cleaning spots out of carpets, moquette
    • mechanized washing of carpets and moquettes with professional equipment
    • mechanized washing of floors (grit stone, marble, mosaic) using ecological detergents
    • washing windows and the casements, cleaning also all the spots
    • vacuuming dust from furniture, doors, ledges with special solutions
    • washing and vacuuming the bathrooms using authorized detergents and disinfectants
    • removing calcium sedimentation, lime and cement out of grit stone, marble, mosaic, stone, granite, quartzite;
    • washing outdoor windows using utility climbers

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